Erman Yilmaz

Erman Yilmaz is a graphic designer and graffiti artist based in Istanbul, whose work focuses mainly on the arts, social and cultural sector. He uses shape and pattern to embed words into his work.

Erman Yilmaz

The death of Cities, 2016

Baby Ink Twice

Nie mehr schlafen

The Eternal Letter, Paul Shaw

Erman Yilmaz

Gaslamp Killer, 2015

Baby Ink Twice

What the f… ?

Baby Ink Twice

Babyinktwice is the graphic design and letterpress studio of dafi kühne, switzerland. The studio’s focus is on contemporary typographic poster designs for art, music, film, architecture, theatre projects. All the posters are being produced autonomously on letterpress printing presses from the 1960s with a broad technical range from traditional handset type to digitally produced printing blocks.

Baby Ink Twice


Baby Ink Twice

Dead Ghosts

Konstantin Datz

Folded Paper, 2010

Doug Aitken

LA artist Doug Aitken is widely known for his innovative fine art installations. The “Text Sculpture” series uses light-boxes, mirror works, living plants and photography to create a mesh of words and images. In these sculptures words and images are in disagreement. “Riot” for example spells out the word of the title with the images of a beach landscapes. In a Blouin Art Info interview Aiken comments that “One of the things I believe in is friction, and how to generate friction within an artwork. Often these juxtapositions are where my interest lies; it’s where the energy is. My mother was a writer and my parents really valued long-form language. Maybe a word, or a letter, or a number, speaks to who I am, and the world that I live in, in the same way that “Ulysses” might speak to my father.”

Doug Aitken

I Think very Deeply

Ji Lee

The challenge is to visualize the meaning of a word, using only the graphic elements of the letters forming the word, without adding any outside parts. The challenge was very hard, but the reward of “cracking” a word felt great. So this became a lifelong project for me.

Doug Aitken


Lucas Young

Currently in his 3rd year of Design at York University/Sheridan College in Toronto developing his craft. Lucas is honing his craft through explorations in lettering, type design, editorial, and now motion graphics. Here is an example of warped lettering which is in keeping with the theme of the word.

A demonstration of how shadow can create the final result. The text relates well to the eerie, faded outcome.

Doug Aitken


Kate Banazi

My typeface 'Mimeo' is made up of straight symmetrical lines and artist, Kate Banazi does just that. I like her use of contrasting bold colours too. With the next task in mind, this artist is a great reference to have. I would like to translate this idea of uniform consistent line into my poster using Illustrator.


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